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Bundesrepublik Deutschland/Gorres Federal Republic of Germany • The BD&Gorres pipeline system is based on medium and high-end household water supply PP-R pipe products. It is committed to providing family water supply systems for elites and high-end people. The products have more than 30 kinds of calibers. Hundreds of specifications and complete categories.
BD&Gorres tubing and fittings are made of three types of random copolymer polypropylene (PP-R) materials. This material is known for its strength, stability and high temperature resistance. Its physical and chemical characteristics can meet the special requirements of water supply and heating systems; its service life is much longer than 50 years.
In terms of raw material selection, BD&Gorres uses high-quality raw materials from the world. The raw materials come from the exclusive production of Borealis, a manufacturer of high-quality chemical raw materials (Model: RA130E-6017); the metal parts are made of European high-quality copper and semi-finished products with copper alloys. The 617 grade lead-free brass produced by Wieland eliminates the precipitation of heavy metals and meets the EU drinking water standards.
It is the mission of BD&Gorres to provide users with safe and safe solutions for cold and hot water supply pipeline systems. It is also the driving force for BD&Gorres.
BD&Gorres products have the following features:
The pipe has no impurities, hinders light and blocks oxygen to prevent the growth of algae microorganisms, and ensures water quality and health;
The pipe wall is thicker, the flexibility is better, the inner wall is smooth and not easy to scale, and the water flows smoothly;
High temperature resistance, cold resistance, long-term use in the environment of minus 40 ° to zero 100 °, good insulation performance for all types of hot and cold water pipes;
Strong hot melt, hot melt thick welding without gaps, to prevent water leakage, water leakage, water pipe burst and other safety hazards;
Durable, high stability, and service life of more than 50 years;
It can be recycled and reused 100%, which is conducive to environmental protection and compound national industrial policy;
Accessories features:
Wired fittings are made from high-quality European copper and semi-finished products with copper alloys - Wieland.
The wire accessories are made of 617 grade lead-free brass to prevent the precipitation of heavy metals and the quality meets the EU drinking water standards;
The elbow is designed in a nut shape to ensure maximum water flow resistance;

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